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Sour Patch Redberry Slurpee

They’ve done it again! After the success of 2015’s SOUR PATCH Watermelon SLURPEE, 7-Eleven and SOUR PATCH released a limited-time only SOUR PATCH Redberry SLURPEE. With our help, we made this launch bigger, better, more sour, and more sweet! Partnering with a network of other agencies we were tasked with putting together a strategy to increase SOUR PATCH KIDS sales as well as SLURPEE sales at 7-Eleven.


As a team we went above and beyond in order to take the partnership to the next level—bringing our Red Kid to more places our Generation Z teens hang out than ever. With a 360-degree effort, SOUR PATCH REDBERRY SLURPEE took over 7-Eleven stores nationwide-in-and-out of store POS, custom displays, digital and social takeovers and much more!


Mondelēz International

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