After 30 Years, Phoenix Creative is Moving but Staying in the Neighborhood

We moved! For 30 years we’ve seen our business grow and change from the 7th, eventually expanding to the 6th, floor windows of the Curlee Building (611 N. 10th Street). (there had been a few physical iterations of PHX, at one point we spanned the top floor of three buildings, Curlee, Dorsa, and whatever is next to it.) However, on February 23rd, we moved approximately 4 blocks east to 555 Washington. We took our experience, our clients, our energy, our excitement, and a few desks and Apple products and left behind a well-loved workspace.

Remaining in the vibrant and creative downtown area was important to us. The entire agency shares an appreciation of the energy, passion and pioneering spirit of the businesses that dot the Washington Avenue corridor we’ve called home the past 30 years. From the T-Rex incubator that neighbors our previous address to the growing number of innovative technology and media-based businesses that surround our new location, a communal spirit of innovation seems to pervade the area. If there’s one thing the agency has learned over the years, it’s that you have to evolve to weather the wildly changing markets, shifting trends, and transitions in technology the industry has seen the past 30 years.

Ultimately, the goal of connecting staff to work, exposing agency innovation across accounts and providing a flexible environment that could morph and adapt quickly as we grow could only be achieved by taking a big step. Turns out, that step was only 3 blocks away, but it feels like it could be a world away and for all the right reasons.

Work started on the new space in the fall of 2018 concluding in February of 2019. Created with the help of Nehring Design, Phoenix Creative’s new offices showcase modern work stations featuring hand-crafted latticework that provides a sense of privacy while still allowing for spontaneous collaboration to help connect employees to each other and better serve the agency’s clients. A collection of private offices, collaborative spaces, and a more sophisticated photography studio augment the space providing improved functionality and flow for the changing agency.

We’ve been here a month, we moved in, got to work, and the space feels like Phoenix.

Brand Trio – Merging Brands and the Holidays

Budweiser, Bud Light, and Michelob Ultra are three iconic beer brands and marrying them in one point-of-sale piece was not easy. We were tasked with showcasing all three premium brands in one sign communicating a total basket offer to the shoppers of Publix Grocery Stores. The sign was placed inside Publix markets. These three brands have rigorous guidelines, but no specifics when it comes to combining them all in one sign.

This marketing asset was more than just a coupon or just a sign. It needed to consider the shopper in aisle, mid-shop. It needed to highlight the offer, each brand, as well as add to the festive holiday shopping atmosphere. And since these three brands had not been combined in this way before, we had to find a way to make all these goals work.

We offered several different custom holiday looks for the client to review. From bells to bows, and ornaments to snowflakes, each brand stars in and shares the stage with their fellow iconic brand. We created and considered several headlines to capture the holiday shopping experience. We helped the iconic beers stay true to their brands while creating a fresh, new design that promotes celebration and captures the spirit of the holidays.

The client approved a festive layout, showcasing the Bud Light, Budweiser, and Michelob Ultra bottles wrapped in a gold bow in front of a red background with gold shimmer and a captivating headline, “Unwrap Your Holiday Savings.”

Budweiser® Made In America Program

We work with diverse teams of Brand Activation Managers, Brand Managers, and Marketing Directors for Anheuser-Busch-InBev — all of whom juggle different aspects of the brand’s promotional efforts. For this project we initially partnered with the A-B team to work with the 2017 Budweiser® Made In America Festival sweepstakes to showcase this year’s festival, but the how and where the sweeps would live was still in discussion.

Together, we made the call to place the sweeps on Instagram. We took the 2017 Budweiser® Made In America Festival brand guidelines, and customized the design to layout the Instagram contest information in an easily understood and attractive manner.

Our efforts on the sweeps portion earned us an opportunity — A-B approached us with a new project for the festival to develop sign making templates for on- and off-premise use. Like the sweeps, we worked in the 2017 Budweiser® Made In America brand guidelines and prepared a suite of sign making graphics to be used to encourage attendance, raise awareness, and showcase the impressive lineup.

As the promotional activity grew for the festival, a brand activation manager, who wanted something a little different, called up PHX. They had gotten space in the Time Out Philadelphia Magazine and wanted to use some of the on-set graphics of the festival that had a vintage feel. We introduced illustrative music elements and vintage iconic imagery — a patriotic eagle, distressed guitar fret board, and illustrated cassette tapes.

Our involvement evolved as the program progressed; from one project with one manager to two more projects with two different brand activation managers. Our ability to be agile in our thought process; from organization and extrapolation to outside-of-the-box, above-the-line design work helped our client promote this iconic festival.

Phoenix Creative Co.