Budweiser® Made In America Program

We work with diverse teams of Brand Activation Managers, Brand Managers, and Marketing Directors for Anheuser-Busch-InBev — all of whom juggle different aspects of the brand’s promotional efforts. For this project we initially partnered with the A-B team to work with the 2017 Budweiser® Made In America Festival sweepstakes to showcase this year’s festival, but the how and where the sweeps would live was still in discussion.

Together, we made the call to place the sweeps on Instagram. We took the 2017 Budweiser® Made In America Festival brand guidelines, and customized the design to layout the Instagram contest information in an easily understood and attractive manner.

Our efforts on the sweeps portion earned us an opportunity — A-B approached us with a new project for the festival to develop sign making templates for on- and off-premise use. Like the sweeps, we worked in the 2017 Budweiser® Made In America brand guidelines and prepared a suite of sign making graphics to be used to encourage attendance, raise awareness, and showcase the impressive lineup.

As the promotional activity grew for the festival, a brand activation manager, who wanted something a little different, called up PHX. They had gotten space in the Time Out Philadelphia Magazine and wanted to use some of the on-set graphics of the festival that had a vintage feel. We introduced illustrative music elements and vintage iconic imagery — a patriotic eagle, distressed guitar fret board, and illustrated cassette tapes.

Our involvement evolved as the program progressed; from one project with one manager to two more projects with two different brand activation managers. Our ability to be agile in our thought process; from organization and extrapolation to outside-of-the-box, above-the-line design work helped our client promote this iconic festival.

Phoenix Wins Silver Reggie Award

For the second year in a row we’ve won a Reggie Award! The 35th Annual Reggie Awards were held in April and our team traveled to Chicago to claim our trophy. The Reggie Awards brings together some of the brightest minds in marketing and has become one of the industry benchmarks in shopper marketing achievement. With 23 categories, two focusing on shopper marketing and submissions being judges judged by leaders in the retail marketing industry, the competition has been heating up each year!


Our submission was a program surrounding the limited-time-only SOUR PATCH Redberry SLURPEE at 7-Eleven. We developed strategy and organized the program for release in summer 2016-in-and-out of store POS, custom displays, digital and social media takeovers were just part of the nationwide program urging Generation Z to get themselves to 7-Eleven and grab a SOUR PATCH Redberry SLURPEE. For our efforts, we won SILVER! We are honored to have won and grateful to work and collaborate with our great partners and clients at Mondelēz International.

9 Questions with Abbey Ash

abby ash

Phoenix is home to some hard-working people who do some amazing things! Abbey Ash, partner, and Director of Shopper Marketing has been working hard with Phoenix for years. She started at Phoenix as an intern. Since those days of filing and coffee runs, she has become an authority in the Shopper Marketing arena. Her work ethic and passion are evident as we sit down with her and pick her brain about her journey.


What was your first job in Marketing?
My first job in marketing was at Phoenix Creative Co. as an intern focusing on cross-merchandising. I honestly believe that I’m the only person that started at one agency and solidified that I will never leave.


I remember having my initial phone interview and my potential boss asking, “Do you know what cross-merchandising is?” and my response was no. He said “That’s o.k. We have plenty of time to educate you about it.” Little did I know, my mentor would quit a month after my internship started so I quickly learned what it was and the rest is history for me.


Who was your role model when you were younger?
My role model growing up was always my dad. I knew how hard he worked and how it paid off for him. It made me believe that starting as an intern was just the beginning for me. It was up to me to make the possibilities a reality.


What’s the best compliment you’ve ever been given?
The best compliment that I’ve probably ever been given is just that I would go to any extreme for my clients and that they can always count on me and my team. From day one, I knew I wanted to have clients counting on me.


What is your favorite/most rewarding part of your career?
It’s every day. I’m a partner at a company that I love watching grow and I love being part of a team that is constantly helping our clients in any way that we can. We treat their brands as if we were the client because we believe in them and our customers. I love taking an assignment from a client, building a concept around it, and strategically determining the right tactics to increase our results and the brand’s awareness.


What advice do you have for people starting out in this industry?
WORK HARD. No one is going to hand everything to you. Be passionate about what you’re focusing on. Admitting you don’t understand something isn’t a sign of weakness.


What are you reading right now?
You should be asking me what am I not reading right now…My main focus right now is on Agency: Starting a Creative Firm in the Age of Digital Marketing and I’m reading Leaders Open Doors, I think, for the third or fourth time! Both books are completely different but very valid with what I’m working on right now. As a partner at Phoenix Creative Co., I want to continue to make sure I’m helping our partners in continuing to build our company and as a lead on the Mondelēz International account, I want to make sure that I’m leading in a way that I’d want others to. Since starting at PHX, I’ve had tremendous leadership in front of me and I want to follow in those same footsteps. I want to have a team that trusts in me to help build and further their careers just as my boss did for me.


What’s something about yourself that would surprise people?
Probably that I’m an emotional person. My team knows it, but for the most part, people would say that I’m a no-nonsense person. But in my mind, I’m extremely passionate and that is where my emotions come through.


What has been your most successful or favorite marketing effort? Why do you think it was successful/a favorite?
SOUR PATCH Watermelon SLURPEE of course! Honestly, it is just one of the many favorites I have. It definitely felt nice to win awards for this program and to show that a small retail marketing company like Phoenix Creative Co. was here to bring something new to the big agency mix. We’ve built our retail business in a way that not a lot of agencies can say that they have. We were definitely part of a large agency mix for this program, but I know the dedication that my team and I put into this program and it made all of it worth it.


What should people expect from you in 2017?
The possibilities are endless for me and my team in 2017. Phoenix Creative Co. is here to work with existing and new clients and help them bring their brands to retail in a variety of ways.

Phoenix Creative Co.