The path to purchase starts well before a shopper arrives in store. And we created a program that engaged the shopper in all aspects of her life, from before her shopping trip began and then, once in-store, further enticing her purchases. OREO wanted to boost OREO sales in Dollar General and turned to us to help develop a 360-degree program. This program promoted an exclusive and limited-time-only OREO flavor – Mississippi Mud Pie. The core Dollar General shopper was served a teaser video for Facebook before the flavor was released, emails, digital coupons, social media posts, and a never-done-before takeover of the homepage on DollarGeneral.com. Once in the store, the DG shopper could engage with mouth-watering OREO Mississippi Mud Pie recipe cards, in-store offers, and unique point-of-sale displaying the delicious cookie. What did all this hype do? It enticed the DG shopper to get to the store and purchase OREO Mississippi Mud Pie’s before they were gone!


Mondelēz International

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